Busting The Myths On Allergic reactions – By Sanofi India

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Myths and misperceptions about allergic reactions are widespread. Don’t let this misinformation restrict you from discovering the right choices.

Listed under are in all probability essentially the most usually believed allergy myths and the actual fact of it.

1. Fable: Allergic reactions are harmless

Actuality: Whereas some allergic reactions may set off delicate reactions, others may set off far more excessive ones like acute respiratory points or one factor life-threatening like anaphylaxis. If untreated, positive allergy kinds can affect your prime quality of life.  

2. Fable:  Allergy and chilly are one and the equivalent

Actuality: Allergy is perhaps far worse than chilly. Whereas a cold can solely set off delicate discomfort lasting a number of days, allergic reactions is perhaps further excessive. Itchy eyes are sometimes a symptom of allergic reactions, whereas a cold may probably be accompanied by fever.


3. Fable: There’s a treatment for every allergy 

Actuality: Sadly, there’s no treatment for allergic reactions nonetheless with appropriate allergy administration, anyone can lead a standard and energetic life by managing their allergic reactions.

4. Fable: Shifting to a definite space can remove allergic reactions

Actuality: Although transferring away can shortly relieve you, the chances are a lot much less as a way to be totally allergy-free. The reality is, chances are high you may be liable to develop new allergic reactions.

5. Fable: You may’t be allergic to pure meals. 

Actuality: Proper right here’s an attention-grabbing allergy actuality, among the many most allergic meals are pure and unprocessed meals devices comparable to take advantage of, eggs, peanuts, wheat, soybeans, fish and shellfish.


6. Fable: Transient-haired pets obtained’t give you pet allergic reactions

Actuality: A protein on the fur causes the allergy and by no means the fur itself. Brushing your pet’s hair may trigger the pet dander to be airborne. Transient-haired pets are solely favoured because of a lot much less hair means a lot much less dander nonetheless doesn’t eradicate the reality that you just obtained’t get allergic reactions the least bit.

7. Fable: You probably can’t get pet allergy must you don’t private a pet.

Actuality: Animal allergens, significantly cat & horse allergens is perhaps carried on clothes & fibre. This might set off reactions in people who do not private pets themselves nonetheless are nonetheless in danger to get affected by allergens by coming in contact with animals.

8. Fable: Flowers set off pollen allergy

Actuality: People is perhaps allergic to the pure scent of the flower and it’s not pollen. Bushes, grass and weeds unfold pollen allergy and by no means the flowers. It is as a result of the pollen from flowers has a lot much less chance to be airborne as birds & bees help in pollination in distinction to the earlier.


9. Fable: You probably can’t remove dwelling mud mites

Actuality: Frequent vacuuming and washing of carpets, linens, upholstery, mattresses can also enable you to reduce mud mites which in flip can also assist prohibit your allergic reactions.

10. Fable: Allergic reactions are hereditary

Actuality: Although, there’s a slight chance your youngsters may get allergy because of you, it doesn’t suggest they’ll positively get it. There are a number of allergens present indoors and out of doors and one can merely develop allergic reactions to any of those.

11. Fable: You probably can outgrow allergic reactions.

Actuality: Although there are some allergic reactions which may be outgrown with time, numerous them can persist for all instances.

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