International Handwashing Day: Washing Arms Can Save Lives!

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Ever because the COVID-19 pandemic struck, healthcare professionals are stressing on the significance of washing palms. A small act like handwashing can really save lives. This World Handwashing Day (15th October), allow us to speak about why you must clear your palms. And in case you haven’t acquired a hand sanitizer or hand wash but, get one now!

Germs: They’re in every single place

Lethal microbes that set off sicknesses like COVID-19, flu, cholera, chickenpox, conjunctivitis, Hepatitis A and B may be residing on the pores and skin of your palms. How? As a result of they attain your palms if you contact frequent objects like foreign money cash/ notes, public transport handrails, bathroom flush, washroom door knob, raise knobs, workplace utilities, and many others. They will survive in your palms for hours. And in case you eat with unwashed palms, contact your nostril or eyes with them, then you might be positive to catch COVID-19 or any of the opposite contact transmission ailments. 

Handwashing – your weapon towards germs

In line with scientists, roughly 1 million deaths a 12 months may be averted if folks routinely wash their palms. So, wash palms each time you contact one thing outdoors your house 

So, how does handwashing work? 

1. Water and cleaning soap/liquid hand wash 

Liquid hand wash accommodates skin-friendly substances which can be deadly for germs. These chemical compounds can destroy any surface-dwelling micro organism, viruses, or fungi. While you maintain your palms underneath working water, any microbes left are washed away, leaving your palms clear and pathogen-free.

2. Sanitizer

Propanol and isopropanol with which alcohol-based hand sanitizers are made can kill cells (solely microbes, not your pores and skin cells). Alcohol destroys the protein construction of the virus, bacterium or fungus as quickly as they arrive in touch. So in case you are travelling, carry an alcohol hand sanitizer with you

The right handwashing approach

Handwashing can solely be efficient if achieved the correct method. If you’re utilizing water and handwash-

  • Moist your palms
  • Take a coin-sized dollop of handwash
  • Rub to create froth
  • Interlink your fingers and rub to get the cleaning soap to the areas between your fingers
  • Now lather the again of your palms as much as the wrists
  • Take note of the bottom of the thumbs which are sometimes neglected throughout handwashing
  • Be sure you wash the underside of your nails the place dust and germs accumulate
  • Wash totally with flowing water


Scrub your palms with hand wash and water for a minimum of 20 seconds. 

If you’re utilizing alcohol-based hand sanitizer-

  • Squirt out about Three ml of the hand sanitizer
  • Similar to common hand wash, rub the alcohol-based sanitizer between your palms in addition to the again of the palms
  • Pay particular consideration to the pores and skin between your fingers

Use hand sanitizers as many instances as doable if you wouldn’t have entry to working water. 

Hand wash vs hand sanitizer: which one do you have to go for?

When it comes to destroying germs, each handwash and alcohol-based hand sanitizers are equally efficient. If you’re at dwelling or within the workplace, use liquid handwash and water as this technique also can take away dust, which hand sanitizers can’t. At all times use hand sanitizers with a minimum of 60% alcohol. 

Handwashing is a straightforward and cost-effective technique to preserve your family members and your self secure. Prevention is best than treatment. So, make a behavior of utilizing liquid handwash and hand sanitizers immediately.

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